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Hi! I’m Simon McDonnell, I’m a game programmer who is currently living in Ireland. In the past I have completed a degree in Computing in Game Development in DKIT, and have taken part in the international games development competition, Dare to be Digital. I used to work for Tag Games in Dundee, Scotland, and am now working for another games company in Dublin, Ireland.

I really like programming (you may have guessed), and a decent chunk of my posts will be about things I’m working on either at home or at work. I’m also into game design and development (the surprises keep on coming!), so expect to see a smattering of posts on those topics as well. Apart from games I’m also an avid reader, primarily of genre fiction. I like writing as well, so don’t be too alarmed if my posts come in the form of english sentences, as opposed to the alien hieroglyphs that come so much more naturally to everyone.

I’m not sure what my update schedule will be for this website, but I have some posts in a backlog so feel assured that there’ll be something new here on a semi-regular basis.



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