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2015 is gone.

In the beginning I came back from spending three months in America with my girlfriend Laurel. It was the hardest goodbye I have ever had to give.

Then I got a job in Sixminute in Dublin, working on mobile games with Unity. I loved the people, I got really into coffee, and I hated life because I spent four hours most days commuting.

Laurel got an Irish visa and moved over in July. It’s been so wonderful. Six months apart was long enough. We moved into a flat in Dublin immediately. It’s got a wall that is entirely made of windows.

I started my job in Digit in Dublin in August. I’m making mobile games with Unity again. The people are wonderful, I learn a lot from some very knowledgeable people, but it’s sometimes stressful.

I spent Christmas with my family, and New Years entirely with Laurel. This is the third holiday season we’ve spent together, and we’ve done it in three different countries. Here’s to many more.

  • I need to learn how to balance my life better because it sometimes feels like my entire life revolves around work.
  • I need to create more in my off time, because it’s depressing to have nothing to show for that time.
  • I need to make more time for friends, I’ve drifted off alone and it’s tough to be lonely
  • I need to exercise more, this body is getting flabby and I put in too much work for that to happen again

2015 was a tough year, but eventful. I think 2016 is going to be better, less stressful, more joyful.

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