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The Grand Tournament


So the new Hearthstone expansion has been announced. The first expansion being Goblins V Gnomes. It’ll add a bunch of new cards with some really interesting new effects, like Inspire, which triggers whenever you use your hero power. As well as this they’ve added cards which alter the hero powers, like this one:



This obviously has pretty huge implications for the current state of the game. It’ll make some classes a lot more viable, with this particular card as their centerpiece. Shamans for example will be very interesting to play with the ability to choose which totem best suits your current need.

I’m not particularly great at Hearthstone. I construct shambolic decks that maybe have a loose theme. I’ve been pushing with one Warrior charge one that’s gotten me as low as 16, but that’s my all time best. I don’t even have all the classes levelled up to get all their basic cards. There are a lot of cards I don’t have, and will likely never have. This is why I understand why some people will be annoyed at this expansion, because they feel they’re already so far behind, and now they’ll get a whole bunch of new cards that they don’t have.

I understand why they would think this, but I think it’s dumb. If your enjoyment of the game is based on having all of the things in it then that’s a strange mindset and isn’t one that most designers will design around. You may argue that it makes it so you MUST pay real money if you don’t want to get left behind. This is true if you’re in the upper echelons of skill, but that is quite frankly, not most people who are commenting furiously on the reddit threads.¬†People get to Legendary using nothing but basic cards. If having the latest and best cards was the sole determinant (or an overwhelming one) then this wouldn’t be possible.

If you’re not getting into the high rankings then odds are that it’s your fault, not your inventory. Why would people even want to play a game in which having the latest cards made them automatic winners? It would cease to be about skill and start to be about how much is in your wallet, which is no fun at all. Once again, I say this as someone who is really not skilled at the game, just bewildered at why people are so angry at an infusion of interesting new cards and mechanics.


I wasn’t as excited about the first expansion pack. The rivalry between Goblins and Gnomes was something that was present in the game, but didn’t have much of a concrete representation¬†and was thus hard for me to get excited about. Also I hate Gnomes and am ambivalent about Goblins. I’m more excited about this one because it mirrors The Argent Tournament, which was a place/event that I really enjoyed in Wrath of the Lich King. It had a shitty one-room raid, yeah, but it was fun and interesting and there were a ton of new mounts to get (which I crave).

Added to that it looks like they’re actually adding some really interesting new meta-changing mechanics in the form of the hero power stuff. That’s very cool to me. GvG just added a bunch of new cards. Interesting cards, sure, but just cards. This one adds that AND a whole new idea around which to build a deck. It’s very cool!

So yeah, I’m excited, woo Hearthstone, yay, etc. Sorry for the late post.



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